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Assemble enterprise applications fast

Assemble enterprise applications as fast as you can design a spreadsheet. Increased performance and flexibility using a ”schema-less” PostgreSQL database.

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Service provider solutions built on enterprise technology

Adaptive, Open Data Structure

Increased performance and flexibility using a ”schema-less” PostgreSQL database utilizing a standard JSONB format for all data allows you to add fields as part of a process instead of burdening administrators.

Flexible User Interface

Create an experience that works for you using our extensible, modern UI. Drag and drop our pre-built components or build your own using today’s modern UI frameworks like Vue, Angular, & React.

Open and Familiar Development

Take the fear out of configuring your platform. Our native Git integration allows for easy upgrades and seamless development between teams.

Time Tested Industry Standards

No short cuts. Limits technical debt. A platform built on HTML, JS, & CSS allows your team to leverage their expertise while being flexible enough to changes.

Dreamtsoft Platform

Powerful Business Applications
In Days

Workflow Editor

Manage a piece of work from beginning to end with our graphical workflow editor and lifecycle console.

Flexible Data Model

No more tables and columns, a Postgres database in JSON binary allows you to add data elements as part of your process.

Drag and Drop Builder

Fields, related lists, and UI components quickly assembled to build out forms and being your data collection.

Configurable API

Inbound and outbound REST web services lets you decide what to send and what to respond.

Custom UI Component

Display data the way you want by configuring the UI using todays modern frameworks .


Go beyond your inbox and receive notifications via today's top collaboration tools.


Compile data and provide insight by choosing charts and adding them to our out of the box dashboards.

Consolidated Work Queues

Don't miss another task or deadline by having a single queue to manage all of your work.

Custom Portal

Internal and external users both deserve and exceptional experience. Quickly assemble a custom portal for each use case.


Adapt and Deliver

Demand is always changing and you need to be able to change with it. Being able to rapidly design, prototype, and deliver business applications based on departmental demand often makes the difference in staying competitive. Don't allow yourself to fall behind.

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