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A next generation aPaaS platform to facilitate nearly any business application need under a single environment.

Our solution provides Enterprises and Service Providers with an end-to-end cloud-based solution for rapidly building and deploying applications to their customers. Whether you're looking to create new offerings, digitally transform, or simply needing to modernize legacy solutions; new and old, all business applications (HR, Legal, IT4IT, Sales, Facilities, Manufacturing, etc) now come together into one platform.

Why Dreamtsoft

Why Dreamtsoft

Other's Merely Adopted The Cloud, Dreamtsoft Was Born In It

IT4IT is an end to end IT reference architecture that embraces your existing processes and strives to align IT to your business and add transparency between silos. With IT4IT any enterprises' IT department will be transformed from being viewed as a cost center to a value-adding business driver. Gartner estimates that "for a $1B per annum IT function, this benefit could be 5% – 20% of total budget.” The Dreamtsoft platform and the IT4IT framework is a perfect match that will ensure a business-centric, rapid development and deployment, flexible and continuous improvement environment.

Why is dreamtsoft better? Tenancy is at the core of the dreamtsoft platform, not an afterthought or plug in. Dreamtsoft was born in the cloud, designed with a schema-less database that allows for a flexible schema to grow with your business, a data service layer that is geared toward data sovereignty and affordable licensing that won't break the back of a small business.

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Align IT to your digital business

Any digital transformation begins with understanding the value IT provides to the business and allows IT to contribute to business strategy. More than ever there is a need for a single system of insight that breaks down business silos and allows increased communication and throughput. Dreamtsoft's demand management application provides a single source of all demand eliminating multiple work queues and providing a single system of insight.



Built with Security & Governance in mind

A Single System of Insight

Dreamtsoft applications are automatically connected to all of your Dreamtsoft-managed data without you having to lift a finger. What's more, utilizing our proprietary Data Access Layer, apps can be easily connected to an unlimited number of external data sources! With an open and extendable library of data mappers, Dreamtsoft ensures you're able to leverage existing data stores necessary to empower and maximize the value of your enterprise applications.

Application Demand

Enterprises are generating aggressively innovative business lines tasked with gaining a competitive advantage in an ever-changing world. But these business lines get mired down in operational inefficiency (generally from IT) that prevent the necessary progress to make them successful. The result? Business lines’ innovations fail to meet full potential. The solution? Give the business a way to rapidly support and enable the business lines’ application needs; Dreamtsoft. Show them prototypes in days and finished products in weeks.

Application Spaghetti

Enterprises support upwards of 500+ different applications requiring significant expense, management resources, endless integration work, compatibility problems, and upgrade issues. The result? Fragmented employee experience, security vulnerabilities, significant support staffing costs, audit impossibility, and data visibility challenges. The solution? Bring in Dreamtsoft and begin to rationalize and centralize your application portfolio.

Application Sprawl

Legacy AppDev methodologies are slow and ineffective causing failed projects, growing backlogs, and unhappy business sponsors. The result? Business sponsors are going off on their own developing skunkworks projects and/or buying different SaaS solutions outside of IT's control. The solution? Take back control by introducing the Dreamtsoft platform as your go-to AppDev framework and eliminate shadow IT moving forward. This enables you to provide better agility, flexibility, and responsiveness to your supported business lines.

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Enterprise grade apps faster than ever before

Dreamtsoft lets you prototype powerful enterprise applications in days, and be in production within weeks while writing minimal code. Now, developers or business users can create applications simply by dragging and dropping common components together much like they would in Weebly or Wix.

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Rapid Development & Deployment

Dreamtsoft lets you build powerful enterprise applications without writing a line of code. Now, developers or business users can create applications simply by dragging and dropping common components together much like they would in Weebly or Wix.


Prototype in days, production in weeks. Seriously. High-productivity aPaaS at its best, with modular component-based development, intra-environment low-code development, and native multi-tenant application distribution.

Start with one app. Celebrate success.

An application prototype in days? Production in weeks? "Impossible" they'll say! That is until they see it happen. Start small. Build one app and demonstrate to your customers how your Dreamtsoft investment can make impossibly-long backlogs, disenfranchised business sponsors, and failed projects a remnant of the past.

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Build a culture of accelerated delivery

Use the momentum and experience from your initial success to create a structured approach to building your application offerings. Establish principals around re-use, application distribution, upgrades and QA. Establish your Dreamtsoft delivery team, identify training needs, identify any internal applications (CRM, IT, HR, etc) that could both benefit from being re-platformed on Dreamtsoft and serve as a real-world training ground for your newly aligned development team.

Replicate your success

Continue to innovate and differentiate by continually introducing additional application suites to your customers. Build and then offer new application suites supporting common processes like HRMS, CRM, IT, Legal, Manufacturing, Facilities, Field Services, etc. Don't want to build apps? Then download them from the Dreamtsoft Application Catalog, and simply tailor them with any modifications you think your customers would like. Also, start the journey to re-platforming your own application catalog onto Dreamtsoft, streamlining your back-office and showing your customers you "practice what you preach".

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Single environment to manage countless deployment options

Give your customers the flexibility and customization they demand with our advanced sub-tenancy layer (inherited and native apps, override capabilities, styling, delegated administration) while still maintaining precision control over how data is shared across your intended audience all from a single environment.

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Built with Security & Governance in mind

Dreamtsoft includes robust security controls that handle user authentication, in-app data security, tenant-based data security, etc. Security against each application, bucket, slot, and navigable component, combined with an advanced sub-tenancy layer gives you precision control over how data is shared across your intended audience.

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Fearless Upgrades

Stop fearing the next upgrade from your cloud provider. Our upgrades are modular, meaning that nearly every piece of the platform can be upgraded separately, including each individual application. This means less risk, and therefore more sleep.

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Give your customers the flexibility and customization they demand (inherited and native apps, override capabilities, styling, delegated administration) while still maintaining global control all from a single environment

A service providers dream

Customer Retention and New Revenue Streams

Service Providers (MSPs) are struggling to maintain relevance in an ever-changing technical world. Net-new customers are proving more difficult to find as traditional revenue streams like monitoring and hardware procurement are disappearing due to the growing popularity of IaaS solutions like AWS and Azure. What's more, MSPs are losing their existing customer base as their customers are now demanding cloud-based solutions to help them manage their businesses (IT, Facilities, HR, Sales, Finance, Help Desk, etc.) which MSPs are unable to deliver. Dreamtsoft aims to solve these issues and more to help MSPs thrive over the coming decades.

Better Backoffice

An aPaaS platform isn't just so you can provide Enterprise applications to others. Leveraging Dreamtsoft internally for your PSA, CRM, Contract Management, IT, Legal, HR, and other needs gives MSPs the ability to centralize and manage their entire end-to-end customer experience from campaign, to client, to currency.

One platform, all customers

Native sub-tenancy built into every Dreamtsoft application, a flexible data storage model and override/styling capability for each individual customer gives MSPs the ability to maintain their global catalog of customers in a single environment. This while still maintaining data sovereignty, horizontal and vertical scaling capabilities, and customization potential for each individual customer.

New Revenue Streams

Dreamtsoft's unique software delivery model enables MSPs to license and distribute individual SaaS applications to their customers, driving additional revenue and helping with customer retention. MSPs can now monetize their IP utilizing their existing resources, driving profit without any further investment.

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Native incident management integrated to the entire stack

Lightweight incident management that we have all come to know. A streamlined incident application that follows the incident lifecycle from creation to resolution. All the required incident management functions in one platform.

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Once delivered, a solid service management system is needed to support the lifecycle of the service. The ability to quickly identify and resolve issues will provide increased uptime along with a high level of customer satisfaction. Dreamtsoft support provides a lightweight, flexible implementation that can quickly scale to fit your support needs. With all the foundational elements of an enterprise ITSM application suite (Reporting, Workflow, End-user portal, etc.) you can go with the industry-standard ITSM processes or adjust the platform to fit your unique application needs.

  • Streamline incident management from creation to resolution
  • Create major incidents and problem records to easily cluster related incidents for faster resolution
  • Centralize knowledge management with a built-in and extensible knowledge base
  • Create an intuitive experience with our drag-and-drop end user portal creator
  • Flexible APIs allow for easy integration to external systems
  • Create SLA's that are aligned to the business and feed into improvement, quickly adapt SLA's to a dynamic outsourcing environment
  • Design dynamic assignment rules and notifications to fit your business needs
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CI/CD inspired solutions that feed support issues back into your business alignment

Dreamtsoft enables you to provide better agility, flexibility, and responsiveness to your supported business lines by integrating your IT support and strategy processes. Identify opportunities for improvement and provide those opportunities to the enterprise architects.



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Complete the Cycle

Without continuous improvement, apps will become stagnant. Every service or application needs the ability to improve and our solution bridges the gap between support and strategy by transforming issues into business needs. Dreamtsoft provides an end-to-end management of the service lifecycle and breaks down the silos between IT departments. Creates a holistic view of the service throughout its lifecycle and aims to pro-actively understand operational risk exposure and avoid problems in the first place. The Dreamtsoft framework is inspired by IT4IT.

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